Bluegrass Regenerative

The services and treatments we provide encompass the entire spectrum of available techniques and technologies that are available today and used in the pain management arena, as well as prospective treatments in various stages of clinical research.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a myriad of treatment options from consultations, medication management, up to and including implantable treatment modalities for even the most difficult patient. At the same time, we steadfastly believe and adhere to a multidisciplinary approach that involves various healthcare providers spanning many specialties. This model continues to persevere as the ideal that has consistently been shown to provide maximum results for the patient and improvement in outcome.

The Premier Regenerative Medicine

The use of cells, stem cells and growth factors have all shown to be one of the best therapeutic methods to help aid in tissue healing and repair.

Stem Cell Therapy’s Applications in Medicine

Today, we are treating a number of conditions – including athletic injuries, orthopedic problems, Parkinson’s disease, and even heart disease – with stem cell therapy.

Safe, Easy-To-Use and Consistent Cell Concentrations

The Future of Regenerative Medicine – Research suggests that stem cell therapy can be effective in a variety of applications.